Chantel Zapata Pray
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Wyndham + Sabre

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UX Design, UX Research, UX Lead

Gideon Olshansky, Ian Micallef

BBH/Domani, 2017-2018


Wyndham came to us to redesign the interface for their Customer Service Reservation Platform. It was on a system that was designed by Sabre, but they were allowed to make a few enhancements to the platform in response to pain points that customer service representatives were experiencing. 

The biggest pain point that was noted is maintaining the on property illusion. Often times a guest would call a property, but actually be directed to the call center instead of the front desk of the hotel. For these calls it was imperative that the guest not know that they were not on site, meaning the customer service representative would have to be able to quickly provide local area information. This information was simply not surfaced in this tool. 

Wyndham also wanted to empower the customer service representative to deliver exceptional service, building and/or reinforcing brand loyalty with the prospective guest as well as achieving brand growth through positive word of mouth.


Making updates to a fixed platform

As the customer service representatives were on a platform designed and supported by Sabre, we had to ensure that the recommendations we were making would help Wyndham as well as the rest of their clientele. We worked closely with the team at Sabre throughout this process to get an understanding of what was on their product roadmap and how we could collectively enhance the experience for all of their users.

We set out to:

1. Make the interface as simple and intuitive as possible so customer service representatives can focus less on searching and more on selling.

2. Optimize screen real estate by balancing the display of critical and pertinent information in a persistent vs. non-persistent fashion.

3. Facilitate rapid discovery by ensuring the answers to complex queries are never further than 2 clicks away.

4. Put complex content in easy reach, minimizing call time and dead air, increasing the average speed of answer, and ensuring first-call resolution.

But before we could do all of that, we had to know what the representatives where experiencing.

So, on December 5th, we spent the day at the Wyndham Call Center in Saint John, New Brunswick Canada. During our time there we...

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Identifying areas of focus

We process and analyzed the data we received from the agents we interviewed and shadowed. We also mapped the High-Level Call Flow to shine a light on areas that agents were experiencing friction.


The following themes came up in our conversations with agents, and lead to areas of functionality improvements.

  1. Sluggishness: Speed issues in NGVA are getting in the way of sales.

  2. Rapid discovery: Finding on-property information helps agents build the on-property illusion.

  3. Sense of wayfinding: Agents often get lost in NGVA as they try to close a sale.

  4. Loyalty friction: Agents have issues discovering customer loyalty info, and selling the program.

  5. Bugs Persist: Small issues with the program are interfering with the agents’ flow.

  6. Functionality Requests: Agents asked for specific functionality that could simplify their process.

From there, we worked with Sabre to improve the platform, using the same look and feel as it had previously. We worked in weekly Sprints, remotely testing with representatives at the end of each sprint. Overall, the adjustments have been well received by the representatives and are helping to shorten the time spent on a call and maintain that "on-property illusion."