Chantel Zapata Pray
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UX Design, UX Lead

Louis Moncouyoux, Dylan Wasson, Jae Yoon

BBH/Domani, 2016


Since Bono and Bobby Shriver founded (RED), they raised over $360 million with the help of their partners, paving the way for an AIDS free generation. 

(RED) needed our help to refresh their website to focus on three key areas: strong product pages and purchase action; making the charitable impact of (RED) more palpable to consumers; and building a scalable and easy to manage platform that could support (RED)'s expanding impact.


How do you tell the story of a products ACTUAL impact?

By auditing and consolidating content, we re-architected the site - successfully heroing products with clear calls-to-action, while simultaneously emphasizing how (RED) functions and meaningfully leverages charitable contributions.

Launched in time for World AIDS Day 2016, the new website garnered significant attention through (RED)’s celebrity affiliations, prime time TV spots, iTunes buyout, and pop up kiosks around the country.

Below are some highlights from our process.


Site Map

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Homepage Wireframes

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Product Page

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Product Detail

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