Chantel Zapata Pray
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Marriott Brand Ecosystem

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UX Design, UX Research

Louis Moncouyoux, Jade Nakabayashi, Kelly Bignell-Asedo, Michael Salmon

BBH/Domani, 2017-2018


With the acquisition of Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International collected 30 of the world’s leading hospitality brands. As a result, they needed to evolve their digital brand strategy so that their customers could better understand each of these brands and what makes them distinct, driving bookings and loyalty.

We partnered with Marriott to create a multi-brand platform that delivers an exceptional, personalized travel experience.

Implementing a design system of components and a brand framework spanning 4 key themes, not only met these goals, but improved upon the speed to create and publish these brand sites.


A system that's built on commonalities and differences

To build a ecosystem that would support a wide variety of brands and appeal to an even wider user base, it was imperative to have a full understanding of the consumer journey, consumer pain points, what made each brand distinct, and what the brands had in common.

In order to do so, we interviewed key stakeholders at Marriott. We audited the functionality and content needs for all brands. We also studied industry trends. And we researched consumer behaviors and pain points to craft a guest journey. 


We then came up with a system of components that fit into 4 themes. We tested various navigation structures and created wireframes of increasing fidelity throughout the iterative process, refining based on testing findings.

As a result of this ecosystem, were able to launch 11 sites in 8 months with a 50% faster time to market.

The system is now live across all of the former Starwood Brands and we look forward to being able to apply this to the other brands. 




Sampling of Components

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Example of the "Strip : Twin Block" component by brand 

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Component system in use on Sheraton, St. Regis, and W Hotels

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